Careers at Le Groenland Group

We are looking for very ambitious and driven young graduates, who are inspired to be economic change agents in Sub Sahara Africa, who are driven by the goal to be the best in all they lay their hands on.

Successful candidates will be allotted based on their identified skill sets across the Le Groenland Group’s member companies

We are looking for mid-level professionals who are ready to work in a very ambitious company with high professional work ethics, clearly defined goals and with enormous learning value to the project managers.

The project managers can work from any of the Le Groenland Group’s business locations.

We are looking for experienced proffesionals who will act as Vice Presidents or Senior Project Managers with more than 10 years work experience who are ready to improve their skills, work in a highly driven and motivated work environment either on contract basis or permanent basis.

These proffesionals will work through out the full spectrum of Le Groenland Group’s business lines working in a highly professional manner.

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