OUR services

Global Business Representatives for Sub Saharan Africa

Le Groenland group through its member company Le Groenland Business Solutions FZ LLE, UAE acts as business representatives to Sub Saharan African businesses and global businesses interested in Sub Sahara Africa. Our medical tourism team currently represents some of the best hospitals in the United Arab Emirates, India, and Jordan amongst others by referring patients from Sub Sahara Africa.

We assist companies planning to internationalise their business beyond Africa - by setting up foreign subsidiaries, recruiting staff and stabilizing such companies until the owners are ready to assume full responsibility. We are strategically positioned in Dubai, UAE - the business hub of the Gulf and the Middle East. In Sub Sahara Africa we are also positioned in Lagos the commercial centre of Nigeria - the biggest economy in Africa.

Business Consulting & Advisory Services

Le Groenland Group provides world class business consulting and advisory services through its member company Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited (LGCPM).

This entails giving advisory services required by mature businesses, start-ups & new market entrants, and providing solutions to questions in business expansion and operating strategy.

To provide this service, LGCPM will be involved in drafting the client strategic business plan and in generating viable / sustainable business ideas in collaboration with the client. LGCPM will:

  • Provide feasibility studies on existing markets and intended markets
  • Prepare strategic business plans and business proposals
  • Conduct market and industry analysis for the client’s sector
  • Develop new product development strategies
  • Develop market expansion strategies
  • Develop M&A plans and partnership plans
  • Develop expansion and partnering strategies
  • Develop location, distribution and channel strategies


Le Groenland Group through its member company Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited (LGCPM), will support its clients in making the most of their tax situation to ensure compliance and good retention. The services provided will include :

  • Tax planning to leverage any benefit provided by local authorities
  • Taxation compliance advisory services

Agro Based Commodities Brokers

Le Groenland Group acts as brokers to exporters and buyers of Agro Based Commodities from Sub Saharan Africa to the Gulf and global markets through its member company Le Groenland Business Solutions FZ LLE, Dubai, UAE.

We are currently in partnership with some of the best agro commodities farmers, processors and traders in Sub Sahara Africa, Turkey, UAE and US

Oil and Gas Assets Broking Services

Le Groenland Group acts as an intermediary for procurement and disposal of assets (physical assets and inventories) by companies in the Oil and Gas industry. We also provide bespoke support services for players in the industry (both upstream and downstream).

Our group uses its key selling point - its values - Honesty, Professionalism, Humility and Empathy as its Mantra on this business line.

Our member company Le Groenland Oil and Gas Assets Brokers Limited is responsible for this line and has shown great initiatives and proffesionalism in the past in its dealings with clients.


Le Groenland Group, through our member company, Le Groenland Estates Limited is in the business of Real Estate Management (including Lease, Sale & Purchase of Property) and various levels of Property Development. We also act as agents to Financial Institutions on disposal of physical assets used to secure toxic loan facilities. By this Le Groenland helps Financial Institutions to protect and sustain their liquid assets base and also safeguard depositors’ and shareholders’ funds.

Financial Consulting & Advisory Services

Le Groenland Group’s member company Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited (LGCPM) adds value to our clients by interpreting their business ideas in financial terms. LGCPM provides these services by:

  • Recommending the most appropriate funding option
  • Negotiating loan terms and reduced cost of funding on behalf of our clients
  • Preparation of client’s financial statements i.e. cash flow projections, balance sheet and income projections
  • Conducting financial planning and analysis for the client’s business plans i.e. cost / benefit analysis, profitability analysis, liquidity analysis, financial modelling, business valuation and fundamental analysis

Debt Recovery, Collections and Advisory Services

At Le Groenland Group, we provide Debt Recovery, Collections and Credit Advisory services globally for Sub Saharan African business interests. For this purpose Le Groenland presently uses the vehicle of its member company Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited, Sub Saharan Africa and Le Groenland Business Solutions FZ LLE, UAE.

The Le Groenland strategy involves deploying a bespoke approach where debt issues are resolved amicably and collections are made swiftly using legitimate means whilst carrying out the task in a professional manner


Our member company, Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited (LGCPM), works with our clients to manage their projects effectively and deliver the project objectives in line with pre-defined specifications, within set timelines and within budget. LGCPM would provide this service in the following areas:

  • Managing start-ups from inception up to profitability or sustainable stage based on the clients’ preferences
  • Registering newly established businesses
  • Manage / monitor key business processes based on the clients’ preferences
  • Post-acquisition and project partnership implementation
  • Recruit staff for businesses and conduct reference checks


Le Groenland Group through its member company, Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited (LGCPM), offer bespoke management training courses that fit the client’s requirements and culture. LGCPM will provide the following training programs:

  • Leadership training
  • Finance & Accounting for non-financial managers
  • Customer service training
  • Personal Effectiveness on the job
  • Team bonding
  • Marketing & Sales training
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Specialised training i.e. credit risk management, financial modelling