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Le Groenland Group is a globally focused group. At present, Le Groenland Group has member companies licensed and regulated in these regions:
  • Sub Saharan Africa – Nigeria
  • Gulf – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The group is currently working on a 5 year plan to expand its horizon to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other Sub Saharan African countries.

PERSPECTIVE - Events, selected research, studies and analysis from our business and financial advisory, project management and commodities trading brokers team.

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Le Groenland Business Solutions FZ, LLE

  • Global Business Representative for Sub Saharan Africa
  • Medical Tourism Agents / Brokers (Sub Sahara Africa for UAE , Middle East & India)
  • Dubai / UAE visa processing services
  • Agro Based Commodities Brokers
  • Real Estate Broking, Management & Arbitration
  • Debt Recovery, Collections and Advisory Services
  • Business and Financial Consultancy

Location Gulf & Middle East – Dubai, UAE

Le Groenland Consult & Project Managers Limited

  • Business Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Financial Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Training and Development
  • Tax and Tax Consultancy
  • Project Management Services

Location Sub Sahara Africa – Lagos, Nigeria

Le Groenland Oil and Gas Assets Brokers Limited

Oil and Gas Assets Broking
  • Brokers for Sales & Purchase of Oil & Gas working assets
  • Brokers for Sales & Purchase of Oil and Gas Physical & Fixed assets
  • Oil & Gas deals Broking
  • Location Sub Sahara Africa – Lagos, Nigeria

    Le Groenland Estates Limited

    Real Estate Services
    • Sale & Purchase
    • Property Development
    • Property Leasing

    Location Sub Sahara Africa – Lagos, Nigeria

    Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

    Action community developers

    Action Community developers

    At Le Groenland Group, we are a socially responsible organization and we believe so much in undertaking noble projects to uplift the standard of living in Sub Saharan Africa. As stated in our mission that we want “To motivate and lead a generation of Sub- Saharan Africa’s Entrepreneurs to seize and optimize the vast opportunities within the region & across the rest of the World and in the process, combat poverty and improve their overall quality of life”.

    We are ready to assist some potential start up with a view to setting them up and stabilizing them.

    We have also entered into partnership agreements with Non Govermental Organzation (NGOs) and charity organizations such as Action Community Developers (ACD) focused on Nigerian and African communities the NGO is driven to eliminate hunger, turning compassion into action, changing one life at a time.

    LOCATION Sub Sahara Africa – Abuja FCT, Nigeria