Le Groenland Group

The sky is a boundary on its own , opportunities are limitless . . . not a pasture, not a field but the whole land is green.

Rotimi Okula

Our Mission

To motivate and lead a generation of Sub- Saharan Africa’s Entrepreneurs to seize and optimize the vast opportunities within the region & across the rest of the World and in the process, combat poverty and improve their overall quality of life .

Our Vision

To be the global business representative & business broker of choice in Sub Saharan Africa and a world class business and financial advisory firm .

Our Values

About Us

At Le Groenland Group we see endless opportunities. We see positives even in challenging situations. We see solutions where others see deadlocks. We adopt a broad minded approach to come up with out of the box solutions to every business engagement.

Le Groenland Group was formed in 2011 in Sub Saharan Africa – Lagos, Nigeria precisely, and we are also incorporated in Dubai, UAE – the business hub of the Gulf and Middle East – from where we serve our global market interests. The group is currently working on a 5 year plan to expand its horizon to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other Sub Saharan African countries.

Le Groenland is a group with its core interest as a global business representative to Sub Saharan African businesses, while also representing global businesses interested in opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa. We act as Business Consultants, Financial Advisors, Commercial Business Representatives, Agro-Commodities Brokers and Oil & Gas Asset Brokers (Physical Assets and Inventories). Le Groenland Group is also into providing Real Estate services.

At Le Groenland Group, we plan to be “Economic Change Agents” in Sub Saharan Africa. This is rooted in our belief that the present social challenges confronting Sub Saharan Africa are largely tied to economic situations and conditions in the region. We believe firmly that when good economic indices are in place, there will be better education, health care, reduction in child mortality rates and reduction in social ills in general.

Our goal is to motivate entrepreneurship in Sub Saharan Africa, this we plan to accomplish by building and grooming stronger businesses and SMEs with a global mindset – in line with the popular mantra “Think Big; Start Small”. At Le Groenland Group, we want to groom Sub Saharan African business to operate at world class standards to ensure they can compete globally.

Once again, we welcome you to the “Le Groenland Group” where the land is ALWAYS green as we soar on eagles wings.